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Construction Site Clean-Up Cleaning Services

Clean Way is known in the construction clean-up business as “Mr. Clean.” Contractors know when the “drop dead date” is nearing and the construction site needs to be cleaned yesterday, they call Clean Way. We understand the contractors work against deadlines all the time. We also understand that contractors need certain thing to happen overnight or over the weekend and guess what – we make it happen.

Clean Way uses our award-winning cleaning expertise and cleaning experience from past construction clean-up sites to do the cleaning tasks right, the first time, without the need for a cleaning punch list. We do it all, from cleaning the dust out of light fixtures, removing product labels from windows or restroom fixtures, to stripping the vct tile floors and applying floor finish that causes you to wear sunglasses because the floor is so shiny. Clean Way has the construction clean-up experience for:

new college buildings new strip malls new hospitals
remodeling college dorms remodeling strip malls remodeling hospitals
new shopping centers new apartment projects sewage plants
remodeling shopping centers remodeling apartments new gym facilities
new industrial parks new banks new home developments
remodeling industrial parks remodeling banks new ice rinks

Call Clean Way to learn how we can save you time, money and labor.