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Cleaning Your Home? Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes

clean carpetsIf you want to clean your home, there is only one thing you can do: clean!

Don’t make these common mistakes, however. Here are some homeowner cleaning mistakes that you need to avoid no matter what:

Waiting too long to start cleaning
The easiest way to ruin your chances of ensuring a clean home is to procrastinate. Sadly, it’s not going to clean itself so you need to get going right away. Figure out a good time to start, put on your cleaning gloves, and get to it!

Not focusing on clean carpets
Believe it or not, but your carpet might be the filthiest part of your entire home. In fact, 22% of Americans even consider their carpets to be dirtier than their toilet seats. You can’t just pour some soap and water on your floors and expect to see clean carpets as a result. You need to consult with professional carpet cleaning services.

Stuffing all your dishes into the dishwasher.
Stacking all your dishes or putting too many utensils into your wash basket could ruin your dishwasher’s ability to reach items and actually clean them. Though it takes a little more time, only run lighter loads in the dishwasher to guarantee they are getting clean.

Not cleaning faucets, handles, and door knobs
These parts of your home are actually some of the dirtiest areas in your home because they are so frequently touched. Use a quality disinfectant wipe on these areas and make sure you’re not neglecting them during your cleaning spree.

Using the same cleaning rag for your entire home
You should never use the same rag for more than one item in your home let alone the entire house. For each cleaning project, you’ll need new equipment if you really want to keep your home clean. Unless you just want to rinse an unclean area with an unclean rag, get some new cleaning supplies.

It’s time to get cleaning! If you want to ensure a clean home with clean carpets, contact Clean Way Professional Cleaning Services today.

Dirty Home Nightmare: 3 Cleaning Mistakes Homeowners Make

cleaning carpetsBeing a homeowner is a lot of fun, but there are also a lot of responsibilities and stresses that come with home ownership. You have to handle all your bills, make sure the family has enough food to eat, keep track of all the necessary maintenance, and so much more. One of the most important responsibilities you have as a homeowner, however, is ensuring that it’s kept as clean as possible.

Keeping your home clean doesn’t just mean throwing stuff in the garbage and sweeping every few weeks. You have to do a lot more to make sure that your home is spotless and your family is healthy. In order to make sure your home is clean, you have to avoid these common cleaning mistakes:

Letting clutter pile up
It’s so easy to let clothes pile up into massive bundles of clutter. Additionally, boxes, unimportant junk, and other household items can just as easily pile up into overwhelming piles of clutter. Though it might seem like hard work, simply picking up these piles — and keeping them from piling up in the first place — doesn’t have to be too difficult. Spend some time each day picking up after yourself and your family and make sure every room is as clean as possible. If you have kids, enlist their help in these efforts as well.

Not thoroughly cleaning carpets
Another common mistake homeowners make when trying to keep their homes clean is not cleaning the carpets to the standards they require. Clean carpets are a must for not just spotless homes but for your family’s health. On a single once of carpet dust, approximately 2,000 dust mites can live inside the area, causing various health issues if left unattended. Cleaning carpets needs to be one of the first things you do every week to ensure that these dust particles aren’t piling up. Also, you’re going to need to consult professional carpet cleaning services to really guarantee a clean home. Don’t wait too long for the dust and bacteria to pile up inside; clean your carpets as soon as possible.

Ignoring difficult-to-reach areas
Do you have areas of your home that you rarely go into or can’t reach? You probably do, and those areas require even more effort to keep clean. Of course, that’s why many homeowners ignore them. Stop making excuses, grab a ladder and some cleaning supplies (buy some if you have to!), and clean every corner and difficult-to-reach area inside your home.

Not cleaning carpets, letting clutter pile up, and ignoring certain areas of your home is the easiest way to have an unclean house. It’s time to get to cleaning.

Looking for professional carpet cleaning in York, PA? Then contact Clean Way Professional Cleaning Services today for professional cleaning assistance.

4 Tips for Cleaning Your Home During the Winter

clean your carpetYou don’t have to wait all the way until spring to start cleaning your house again. Fight off those winter blues by actually keeping a nice, clean home throughout the colder months. It’s so easy to lock yourself inside your messy home and do nothing but lounge around on the couch until it’s springtime once again, but you need to do your best to keep your house looking nice.

Dig deep, find the motivation, and get cleaning. Here are some important things you should remember as you plan your winter cleaning attack on your home.

Service your HVAC systems
It’s important that you maintain and service your HVAC systems so they remain clean and functional. If you don’t service your HVAC system at least twice annually, it will end up being covered in dust particles and jeopardize the air quality throughout your home.

Clean your carpet
It’s recommended that you clean your carpets at least once every 12 to 18 months. Not just a light wash or a vacuuming, either. You need to work with professional carpet cleaners in order to fully clean your carpets. Even if you live a relatively clean lifestyle, your carpet will likely accumulate a significant amount of dust, dirt, and bacteria that needs to be removed. Work with residential floor cleaning services and enjoy your fresh carpets.

Deep clean your entire kitchen
Simply washing your countertops every other day isn’t really keeping your kitchen cleaning. Not only will your countertops not be that clean, your cabinets, drawers, appliances, and floors will likely be much filthier. Spend some extra time this winter de-griming your kitchen and throughly clean everything in sight.

Don’t forget about general clutter
It’s easy to spend so much time and energy cleaning all the little nooks and crannies inside your home, but don’t forget about the big stuff. You might think your house is spotless because the counters and windows are clean, but there might be dozens of piles of clothes spread throughout your home. Clean the little stuff, yes, but don’t ignore large piles of clutter.

If you need assistance this winter keeping your home clean, contact Clean Way Professional Cleaning Services today.

Yuck! What’s Going On Inside Your Carpet?

cleaning servicesCarpets can look quite clean with very little actual cleaning ever having to be done. Unfortunately, looking clean doesn’t always mean being clean. Carpets from afar may seem clean, but if you get a little closer and really take a look, you will likely be surprised at how dirty it actually is.

Approximately 22% of American adults consider their carpet to be even dirtier than their toilet seat. Needless to say. carpets may be a lot more unsanitary than you might have originally thought. You can’t just take a vacuum to them and expect them to sparkle, after all. You have to work with professional home carpet cleaners who specialize in carpet cleaning services. Before you look at your carpet, however, you might want to find out exactly what’s going on inside the fabric.

According to Life Hack, 90% of people admit to spilling food on their carpets and then eating off itYuck! The five-second rule has always been a myth, but you should never eat food from your carpet because it’s likely much dirtier than you think. Additionally, 75% of people walk on their carpets while wearing their shoes, subsequently tracking in even more dirt and grime into the home.

Although your seemingly harmless habits can lead to unclean carpets, the natural buildup of bacteria can do so even more quickly.

Dust mites, pollen grains, dead skin cells, volatile organic compounds, dirt, other bacteria, pet hair, and even pet urine can all pile up inside your carpets and lead to significantly dirty homes. Though vacuuming is important and should be done regularly, it’s never going to be enough to fully clean your carpets and rid them of these nasty particles. That’s where professional cleaning services come in.

Experienced carpet cleaners can remove any deep dirt and bacteria particles living inside your carpet, completely remove any major stains, and even extend the life expectancy of your carpet altogether.

Don’t ignore your home’s dirtiest area just because it looks fine from a few feet away. Take a deeper look at your carpet, realize how gross it actually is, and get professional help right away. Contact Clean Way Professional Cleaning Services today if you are in need of assistance.

3 Reasons to Clean Your Office Workspace Right Away

professional carpet cleanersWhether you’re working from home in your living room or going into the office each day, it’s essential that you keep your workspace as clean as possible. It’s certainly up to you to clean up after yourself and not make a mess of your area before, during, and after you get your work done, but you’re also going to need to do a lot more than throw out the trash to ensure you’re working in a clean environment.

By working with professional carpet cleaners, for example, you’ll not only get a thoroughly cleaned house or workplace, you’ll start to actually feel more energized in the hours, days, and even weeks afterward. That’s just one of the many reasons why you should take advantage of professional carpet cleaning services.

Here are a few additional benefits of working with professional carpet cleaners and keeping your workspace as clean as can be.

You’ll feel much sharper

Even if you are cleaning your desk, chair, computer, and all the other items in your office, know that it’s not 100% clean until you let a team of professionals get in there. Dust, for example, can pile up and live in your carpet for years without you even noticing. Simply vacuuming the carpet won’t get the job done, either; you need professional assistance. But after professional cleaners have thoroughly cleaned your office’s carpet, you will begin to actually notice cognitive benefits. Dust exposure actually affects your cognitive ability by up to 6%, so keep your carpets clean and enjoy feeling sharper throughout the day.

You won’t be nearly as stressed out

Sitting in a dirty room atop an unclean carpet can actually cause severe stress and anxiety. Again, even if you’re unaware of how nasty your carpet is, your body will still react to all the dust particles and the dirtiness inside the carpet. Once it’s cleaned, however, you’ll feel like a heavy weight has been lifted from your shoulders and the majority of your workplace stress will be gone with it.

You’ll be able to be much more organized

Keeping a clean office will also help you keep a more organized and clean life. When you look around your workspace and notice a dirty mess, you’ll only be able to think about what steps you should take to get it cleaned. When it is 100% clean, however, you’ll be much more productive with your time and can organize your work week and personal life.

Don’t just sit in a dirty room while you do your work; it’s not good for you. Contact a team of professional carpet cleaners and take your workspace back. If you want to learn more, contact Clean Way Professional Cleaning Services today!

Carpet Cleaning: Everything You Need to Know

commercial cleaning servicesPeople love claiming to be “clean freaks” but rarely back it up. Sure, they might hate the sight of obvious messes and spend a few extra seconds washing their hands, but if they don’t take a thorough look at their surroundings to ensure they’re living in a clean space, they’re just as dirty as the rest of us.

You don’t need to be super into cleaning, however, to realize that your carpets could use some professional cleaning. Unfortunately, your carpets are probably much dirtier than you know or any of us would like to admit, so it’s important to work with a residential cleaning service that can provide professional carpet cleaning assistance.

Here is everything you need to know about dirty carpets and how commercial cleaning services can help you keep your home clean.

  • There are roughly 2,000 dust mites that can survive inside a single ounce of carpet dust.
  • About 84% of Americans actually believe that having a clean carpet is necessary to having a clean home but so many of them are unaware of the hidden piles of dirt and germs inside their carpets.
  • Although the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that homeowners should deep clean their carpets at lease once every six months, only 55% of homeowners do so. All carpets, however, should be at least professionally inspected every 12 or 18 months in order to find out if immediate deep cleaning is necessary. Residential and commercial cleaning services are a great way to deep clean your carpets and keep the rest of your home (or office) clean, too.
  • One carpet virus, the Norwalk virus (Norovirus) can actually survive in a dirty carpet for over a month.

Don’t let your home of office space become victim to these dirty carpet viruses. Contact residential and commercial cleaning services and get your carpets professionally cleaned as soon as possible. If you’re ready to get your carpets deep cleaned, contact Clean Way Professional Cleaning Services today.

Professional Cleaning Services Are Essential for a Clean, Happy, and Healthy Life

residential cleaning serviceLife is extremely messy and can actually lead to serious stress and health concerns if you’re constantly surrounded by too much filth. Whether it’s your home or your office, if you’re not in a clean area, you’re going to be unhappy, not as healthy, and just grossed out more often than not.

Here are a few reasons why you should work with commercial and residential cleaning service.

Residential Cleaning Service
An unclean home can create stress throughout your entire life. You should do all you can to keep your home as clean as possible on your own, but to fully ensure that it’s clean, you need to help of professional residential cleaning services. Hire carpet cleaners to come over and thoroughly wash and clean your probably filthy carpets. Nothing against you, but your carpets are probably covered in dirt and dust, especially if you have children.

After a while, even if you’re a relatively clean person, there are going to be areas of your home that accumulate too much dirt and dust to remain clean and that’s when it’s time to act. Get professional help and keep your home clean!

Commercial Cleaning Service
Keeping your office clean is just as impotent as your home. In all honesty, depending on the career field you’re in, or how hard of a worker you are, you probably spend more time in your office than you actually do in your own home. So you might as well keep it as clean as your home.

In addition to keeping your office nice and clean for yourself, you have to look out for all your employees as well. Employees in a clean office actually have an 80% reduced chance of catching influenza and the common cold — 80%!

Don’t subject your employees to more days being sick because you didn’t want to keep the office clean. And don’t live inside a dirty home. Get help and contact professional carpet cleaning services right away. If you want to speak to a qualified commercial or residential cleaning service, contact Clean Way Professional Cleaning Services today!