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Industrial Facilities Cleaning Services

Clean Way’s soul purpose is to provide janitorial cleaning services. We have 88 janitorial cleaners cleaning over 600,000 sq/ft on a nightly basis. We remove bacteria, dirt, dust, dust bunnies, germs, grease, grime, mildew, mold, mud, trash and transform your work environment into a cleaner, healthier and safer work environment. We clean for your health and safety. We clean, lobby areas, cubical areas, office areas, private offices, conference rooms, board rooms, restrooms, break rooms, cafeteria areas, trucker lounges, store room area, factory offices and plant warehouses.

If you are looking for a cleaning company that has superior industrial cleaning service experience, can help make your industrial facilities cleaner, healthier and safer for your fellow workers, and can help save you time, money and labor on this year’s maintenance budget, then call Clean Way at 717-793-3212.

Our janitorial cleaning services are available 24/7. All janitorial cleaning services are custom designed to give you a cleaner, healthier and safer work environment. Our professional Industrial Facilities Cleaning Services include:

Call Clean Way to learn how we can save you time, money and labor.